Pario Professional


Pario Professional:
Pario Professional is a self-scoring tool. It explores and assesses current work behaviour and the link to important aspects of motivation. It analyses individual preferences in three work related skills, namely,

  • Approach to People
    (Personal Interaction/Influence and Motivation)
  • Approach to Problems      
    (Analysis of Information/Flexibility of Response)
  • Approach to Task                
    (Decision Making/Focus on Outcomes)

This report assesses the individual’s preferences in the context of the work environment, first linked to his/her Personal Objectives; second,his/her responses to Work Demands. The report also describes specific behaviour that has an impact on performance and provides the basis for raising awareness of ones working style, identifying performance issues.

How will a Pario Professional assessment help you?

  • Selections:  Pario Professional provides an accurate assessment of work behaviour and factors affecting personal competency. Pario Professional is useful in senior level assessments where differences in individual styles are particularly important.
  • Performance Coaching & Individual/Team Development: Pario Professional is accurate with identifying specific aspects of work related behaviour that may need development.
  • Management of Change:  Pario Professional is a proven tool for helping people review their current style of working and the effect of changing job demands. Pario Professional focuses on issues affecting personal competencies rather than on underlying personality traits and is very suitable for use in a coaching or development situation.
  • Appraisals & Assessment Centres: Pario Professional is an ideal self-assessment tool, user friendly for use in appraisals. Pario Professional can be part of an in-depth assessment process like Assessment Centres.
  • Benchmarking of Managerial Competencies: Pario Professional is ideal for bench-marking competencies of Managers. The scores of preferred styles of more successful managers can be used to establish an industry/function specific benchmark of performance for specific roles/assignments.

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