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The term Employee Engagement is often used to describe people’s identification and commitment to an organization. However, it is frequently not well-defined, making it difficult to assess the key issues that impact on a company’s ability to attract and retain Talent. Employee Engagement Profiling is based on research into factors that influence Motivation and Commitment at Work – and how to achieve Positive Improvement.


Could your Organization do more to Attract & Retain Talent ?

Most organizations have areas of excellence, characterized by employees being energized and positive. However, there will also be other groups, possibly in a particular department, role or work-group, who are less motivated. Some will experience disaffection Employee Engagement Profiling identifies the key issues and helps clarify the specific action required to increase Motivation and Attract and Retain Talent.

What drives Motivation & Commitment?

At a strategic level, it is important for organisations to understand the four possible ‘levels of connection’ that employees will have towards the business. These levels can be summarised in terms of disaffection, satisfaction, motivation, and engagement. There will always be a percentage of employees who are disaffected and have little interest in the longer-term plans of the organization. Above this group are a larger number of employees who are satisfied, and generally positive about their work, but may show little real energy, initiative or enthusiasm. Job satisfaction is not the same as motivation, even though “Job Satisfaction” is the main focus of many typical Employee Attitude Surveys. Motivation is essential to high performance and is associated with discretionary effort and a willingness to go “the extra mile”. Finally, there are those who are genuinely committed to the organisation, who identify with its values and objectives, and have the highest level of engagement. Successful organizations, with high levels of productivity, have a greater number of employees who are motivated and engaged.

The process involves employees in specific departments or work-groups completing an online questionnaire.The in-depth Survey Report highlight areas of strength and weakness across different departments and workgroups. The information can be used as the first step in planning effective, follow-up intervention.


Employee Engagement Profiling Sample Report

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