Executive Coaching

Are you working under tremendous stress to meet your organizational needs and still struggling to make it all happen?

Due to prevailing business conditions a number of professionals are finding themselves in this exact same situation:

- Working long hours, and still not getting it all    done
- Dealing with a downsized team and not coping    with greater workloads
- Too many tasks to complete and too little time
- Unmotivated and disinterested staff
- Lack of leadership and team spirit

Some of these may sound very familiar. We have received several calls for help. To meet this demand, we have developed a personalised one-on-one executive coaching service for individuals who need assistance. We offer three specific coaching services:

  • Leadership and Executive Coaching – For CEOs, directors, business owners and senior managers.
  • Transition through Coaching – This is tailored for people taking on a new, challenging or more senior role.
  • Getting back on track – This is to help one get through situations that drain one’s confidence and effectiveness.

Coaching is a dynamic process, and we offer a tailored approach to your professional and personal development. You may either approach us directly or may be sponsored by your organisation.

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Executive Coaching

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