Thank you. I loved the Insights session. It is certainly one of the most impactful programs that I have attended. My profiling was accurate and the blind-spots were a startling revelation.

Krishna Prasad Lakshmi Kanthan
Honeywell (SAP COE)

Thanks for writing. You are the first Program Manager who has written to me after the course is over. Your mail indicating your commitment to follow-up and has really helped to inspire me to consciously practice the learnings.

I have already started :-
1) Using positive affirmations. If not anything it has made me feel more self confident.
2) Tried the “Forgive and Forget” advice in one or two situations and found that it has really helped me de-stress.

I will also try and put sincere efforts towards :
1) Accepting feedback positively (Without arguments as I am used to doing).
2) Now that I know each of us is inherently different, I shall accept the other person more easily without being too judgemental.

Vikram Das

Thank you for this excellent Insights session and the report. It adds lot of value to me both professionally and personally.

Nagaraj Srikanthan

This mail is to express my heartfelt thanks to you and the confidence that you had instilled in me to start believing in myself and all that I value.

I had attended your programme “Planning, Goal Setting & Time Management” During the course of the programme, I had set a few goals for myself. At that time, one of the goals was more of a wish/dream and I was finding it really hard to act on it. But as you rightly mentioned in the programme, if one is passionate about something, no matter how hard it is, the whole world works in one’s favour to realize it. I had tears in my eyes when you said that my dream can be a reality. Now I am glad to tell you that I got an opportunity where I can live my dream and I am pursuing it. I will not be able to explain in words, how grateful I am to you and to the moment you encouraged us to trust our instincts.

Rajesh N
Nokia Siemens Network

I really enjoyed the session & sincerely for first time I started introspecting after your session. I had two realisations -

I found a typical pattern in my behavior wherein I’m a task master, very good in delegation, aggressive, team man & a good performer with my colleagues & subordinates whereas while dealing with my elders or boss I go passive.
I’m feeling that my way of dealing with my son may have made him less confident. My son has become a very good boy & not a confident boy.

I have made up my mind to change myself & my response to others and even attempt to change the way my family or my colleagues in my team thinks & act.

Also I would request you to recommend “programmes on confidence building” for my son aged 10years.

Shrinath Bhandary
TYCO Electronics

Thank you for the splendid training and also for your kind words of encouragement. For me, there couldn’t have been a more appropriate time for attending this training — I am now taking up co-ordination of all activities within my team which includes communicating with lots of people and following up more than a handful of activities.

Bejoy Jaison
Siemens Ltd

Your workshop has gone a long way in helping me manage myself and make better use of the time at my disposal, I have definately been able to identify and eliminate time wasters and successful at identifying my prime time.

Theresa A V
Nokia Siemens Network

Good to note that the follow-up keeps people reminded. I am also happy to see that some of the team members have made a conscious effort to implement the learning by referring to the hand-outs you have provided. Thank you for your follow-up because it is the reminder that keeps people from going back to their old and more comfortable ways of working. I really appreciate the interest you take in ensuring the change is reflected in their day-to-day functioning.

Madhu Bisht
Sr HR Manager

Thank you. This was one of the best soft skills training workshops I have attended. Although I was skeptical about the effectiveness of attending it remotely yet you being the trainer made a difference. I did not feel for a moment that it was not effective for me. As I mentioned during the day also that the profile that has come out of those simple 25 questions is insightful. Helps me really evaluate myself against certain traits. Whether it 100% match or not, but it definitely would help me evaluate my reactions and moves forward positively in a situation. I have made a few points about my developments and behaviors which I am going to reflect into regularly for at least the next 5 weeks. Thanks once again for the nice session.

Vibhu Bhushan

First there is a big change in myself. I never fear now to put forth my thoughts even if it is a very small one in importance. Previously I hesitated to talk in the meetings but now, I am determined to express at least a single sentence in the meeting. Before going to any meeting I spend at least half an hour and prepare myself to attend it which I never used to do earlier. It has improved my self confidence and positive thinking. I look forward to taking up challenging aspects. Thank you very much for the kind concern you have shown towards us.

Niranjana M

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