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Insights Discovery is a profiling, coaching and consulting tool which acts as a catalyst to help customers achieve transformation at the organisational, team and individual levels.

In his pioneering work ‘Psychological Types’, Dr. Carl G. Jung, a prominent Swiss psychologist, suggests that people have different preferences that give them a varied perspective on situations. The Insights Discovery Profile uses these findings as a basis to elaborate the uniqueness of each individual and illustrates the exceptional ways in which recognising and valuing these differences can empower people, teams and entire organisations.

If we understand how an individual is likely to respond in a given situation, we can communicate with him/her in a way that allows everyone’s best qualities to be valued and celebrated, and reduce the likelihood of misunderstandings.

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What makes Insights different?

Our people development solutions are simple and you will find them deeply insightful. Our aim is to create a world where people truly understand themselves and others and are inspired to make a positive difference in everything they do.

Employee Profiling

Developing people and partnerships

At the heart of our own values is the importance of people. We inspire, excite and engage your people with the enthusiasm and passion we have for learning and development. Our programmes work in a way that drives your people towards positive change and, crucially, gets their buy-in to your company ethos and values.

Employee Profiling Tool

People love to partner with us because:

  • We listen to fully understand your organisations issues, needs, wants and core values.
  • We collaborate with you to design and deliver the best program of learning to develop your people’s potential based on the proven Insights Discovery® learning system.
  • We engage excite and inspire your people with an enthusiasm and passion for learning and development that engenders positive change, overcomes barriers to success and unleashes their untapped potential.
  • We guarantee immediate impact, positive changes and lasting measurable results in your business.



Discovering Personal Effectiveness

Discovering Team Effectiveness

Discovering Leadership Effectiveness

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