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Developing Management Capability – 360 Degree Feedback

Effective management of Role Relationships is vital to high performance in modern organizations. These extend beyond the immediate team and may well include Business Partners, Customers and External Stakeholders. Each group of contacts will have different expectations, and more-effective managers are able to anticipate requirements and respond positively to work demands. The Pario 360 Degree Feedback process helps raise managers’ self-awareness and supports Personal Development Plans.

360 Degree Feedback is valuable in highlighting more-effective (competency-related) behaviour, but also draws attention to attitudes and aspects of behaviour  that are “dysfunctional”, i.e. do not contribute to high performance (and may damage motivation and commitment in others).  The 360 process can therefore be linked to management training courses, individual appraisal and coaching interventions, or wider leadership development and culture change. It is important that the reason for introducing 360degree feedback is clear and close attention given to the communication process.


Pario 360 feedback is easily administered on-line and can be tailored to client requirements.


360 Degree Feedback Sample Report

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