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The Insights Discovery Profile is a unique personality profiling system leading to better self-understanding, effective interaction and organisational growth.

In his pioneering work ‘Psychological Types’, Dr. Carl G. Jung, a prominent Swiss psychologist, suggests that people have different preferences that give them a varied perspective on situations. These different perspectives and ‘attitudes’ are now seen as highly relevant to helping people understand self and others.


The Insights Discovery Profile uses these findings as a basis to elaborate the uniqueness of each individual and illustrates the exceptional ways in which recognising and valuing these differences can empower people, teams and entire organisations.

  • The profile includes a Foundation chapter which is the bedrock on which all Insights workshops and/or coaching sessions are built on. It enables participants to gain an overview of their personality and experience their first ‘ah ha’ moments as they recognise themselves in the profile. The Foundation chapter includes sections about:
    • Personal Style
    • Interacting With Others
    • Decision Making
    • Strengths and Weaknesses
    • Communication
    • Blind Spots
    • Dealing with your Difficult or Opposite Type
    • Suggestions for Development
  • The Profile forms an integral part of any Leadership or Management Development Programme
  • It enables Managers to explore their own style, the style of those they manage, and the style of their own manager
  • It is an excellent tool to be used within a coaching conversation with leaders
  • The Profile also has as options a Management chapter, Effective Selling chapter and a Personal Achievement chapter

pdf_iconInsights Discovery Sample Report

What business challenges do you face?


How will the Insights Personality Profile help you?

    • People will feel more engaged
    • Individuals will become more effective
    • Sales people will connect with customers
    • Managers will lead with impact
    • Teams will work at peak performance
    • People will work better together
    • Create an inspired culture
    • Understand your corporate personality

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