Discovering Personal Effectiveness

Insights Discovery “Personal Effectiveness” Program

Your people are your most important asset. Engage, empower and inspire their personal & professional development with a new language of communication and understanding that transcends boundaries, borders and structures.

Do you want:

  1. to help individuals understand themselves and each other better?
  2. to reduce misunderstandings and conflict through increased understanding of others and skillful adapting and connecting?
  3. to support your people to understand how their behaviour impacts those around them?
  4. your employees to acknowledge their potential weaknesses and blind spots in a non-confronting way that promotes immediate positive action?
  5. to eliminate negative interpersonal dynamics that are stifling your organisation’s performance?
  6. to enable more effective communication, relationships and better results in your business?
  7. to increase employee morale, productivity and retention?

Insights Discovery® Personal Effectiveness is our core program, offering an introduction to the Insights Discovery® Personal Profile and system. This engaging, fun and interactive program provides participants with a new language and framework of understanding themselves and others which delivers immediate impact and infinite possibilities for personal, team and organisational development and excellence.

Through the uncannily accurate Insights Discovery® Personal Profile , the program enables individuals to understand their own personality better, to identify other types of personalities and to learn how to adapt and connect to different communication needs and preferences. The use of the four colour energies, Fiery Red, Sunshine Yellow, Earth Green and Cool Blue creates a memorable common language and framework on which participants can base their future communication and interactions. The program ends with a focus on practical application through the G-WAVE model which facilitates a culture of proactive personal development and goal setting in your people and your organisation.

The entire Program and your Insights Discovery® Personal Profile is delivered in an engaging, interactive and fun way. You and your people will leave with a new perspective, language and framework for self and others understanding that is practical, easy to remember and delivers immediate and lasting results.

Program Overview

i. The Power of Perception
ii. The Insights Colour Energies
iii. Jung’s Preferences
iv. The Insights Discovery® 8-Types
v. The 72 Sub-Types
vi. Insights Discovery® Personal Profile
vii. Recognising Others’ Styles
viii. Adapting and Connecting Techniques
ix. Action Planning and Keys to Success


This program is tailored to your specific requirements and can be delivered in an abridged format as a conference keynote, to a half, one or multi-day modular sessions.


Suitable for new or existing employees that want to begin a journey of personal and professional development, increase self awareness and improve relationships.

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